Vampirella Trading Card Set

Here is an overview of my work on the Vampirella trading card set from Breygent/Dynamite
I’ve included my homage to the man who started it all, the master, Frank Frazetta, I did this card purely for myself, out of respect and love for the artist who opened up my eyes. Special thanks to Tom Breyer, everyone at Breygent and the brilliant artists who share this set with me, for making my experience so enjoyable while working on this creatively charged project. To the fans, thank you for making Vampirella a sell-out, one month previous to her release. Cheers! -E-
I also want to highlight the work of some of my new friends from this project, whose work I have come to love, check them out- Tim ShayMelike AcarJ.D. SeeberSara RichardRusty Gilligan Kudos all!


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